Thursday, 25 October 2007

Miri International Jazz Festival (11-12 May 2007)

Hey all..

I was browsing thru some of my past and came across these which I took during the previous 2nd Miri International Jazz Festival held in Parkcity Everly Hotel. I went on the first day with Ian, Mel & Trevor (Ian's brother).

It was a kind of a last minute decision for us to go so I din get to charge my battery. My battery died 1 hour after the event started n I missed the entire show in pictures. Ian took a lot though.. lucky him. Oh well.. hope you like em.

(Click on title for more pictures)


Yee Boon said...

Don't miss it next year bro! hehe
anyway, not in the right mood when i attended this one. Got headache when i stayed too long and went CS in the middle of the show! XD

Anderson Kalang said...

Been trying to make it for the Rainforest Festival actually but again, I can't make it to Kuching. This year I'll make it for the Jazz Festival again since its still in Miri.