Monday, 24 December 2007

To All A Blessed Christmas & A Blessed New Year


As we look forward for Christmas and the coming year, ponder upon this verse taken from Luke 6:28.


I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Blessed Christmas & A Blessed New Year. May the Lord's blessings be abundance as we continue to serve through our respective gifts.


Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Arthur & Judy's Wedding

HellOoooO again!!

Finally their wedding pics are done. Yeshh!! My set of Arthur & Judy is done. Ian finished his set way way earlier than me... He's much too fast to catch up lah. Always on the go la that guy. Nevertheless, my set is complete. Yeehaa!! the relief.. Can breath now... fuuuuuuhhhh...

Once again, Thanks Josh & Keane for your 'running around' during the banquet. Tis great having you guys on the 'pixel maker' here n there.

I've just posted some selected shots of Judy & Arthur so do click on the Title above ya. Like usual, it'll lead you to my flickr gallery. Happy viewing you all.

Oh ya.. do leave your comments okaaay.. Appreciate your 'scribbles'.

Best wishes to Arthur & Judy again. May the Lord continue to lead your journey together and remain blessed. Thanks for being an inspiration. 'Sporting'.. Yeah.. tats the word...'Sporting couple' I can say!

God bless!

- Gonna start with Kith & Menica's wedding shots now...

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Jiaren's 1st Wedding Shoot !!

Hey all...

Sorry for not being active on my blog lately. Was busy running around these days.

Anyway, a very impressive 1st time attempt wedding photography by our brother Jiaren who's currently in Australia. On behalf of us all at Medianlabs, a very big CONGRATULATIONS for the shots you've uploaded. I personally am very excited when Jia sent me an offline message on MSN this morning in mentioning about his uploads.

I linked straight to his FLICKR and yeah!!! Creativity in every shots I tell you. I don't wana over exaggerate on his work but do 'prove me right' on my comments by clicking on the Title above. It will link you to Jiaren's Flickr......(Remember, this is his 1st Wedding shoot ah!)


As for us here, we've just gone through Judy & Arthur's wedding last Saturday and I'm still in the midst of compiling their wedding shots. My legs are still aching for running around whole day. They had their wedding at Krokop Evengelical Church, Miri. I'll scribble a bit more about it after I post some collections when I'm done with my sets. I think Ian's done with his. Maaaannn you're fast Ian!.. Thanks Josh & Keane for the back-up.. You guys rocks!

For now, here are 4 pics from their set:

-Judy's 'Slippers'-

-At the studio-

-Arthur & Judy... pretty cute aei!! -

-Judy, "Want some Chipsmore?"-

As for tonite, we will (Medianlabs) be shooting for Chung Hua secondary school's prom nite at Eastwood Valley Golf & Country Club. The boys will be there early. Crew members tonite will be myself, Ian, Joshua & Keane. Gotta go empty the 'cards' now.

Before I end, gotta ask Jia...."Wei Jia... Did you wear the Medianlabs vest when you were shooting?"