Monday, 24 December 2007

To All A Blessed Christmas & A Blessed New Year


As we look forward for Christmas and the coming year, ponder upon this verse taken from Luke 6:28.


I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Blessed Christmas & A Blessed New Year. May the Lord's blessings be abundance as we continue to serve through our respective gifts.


Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Arthur & Judy's Wedding

HellOoooO again!!

Finally their wedding pics are done. Yeshh!! My set of Arthur & Judy is done. Ian finished his set way way earlier than me... He's much too fast to catch up lah. Always on the go la that guy. Nevertheless, my set is complete. Yeehaa!! the relief.. Can breath now... fuuuuuuhhhh...

Once again, Thanks Josh & Keane for your 'running around' during the banquet. Tis great having you guys on the 'pixel maker' here n there.

I've just posted some selected shots of Judy & Arthur so do click on the Title above ya. Like usual, it'll lead you to my flickr gallery. Happy viewing you all.

Oh ya.. do leave your comments okaaay.. Appreciate your 'scribbles'.

Best wishes to Arthur & Judy again. May the Lord continue to lead your journey together and remain blessed. Thanks for being an inspiration. 'Sporting'.. Yeah.. tats the word...'Sporting couple' I can say!

God bless!

- Gonna start with Kith & Menica's wedding shots now...

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Jiaren's 1st Wedding Shoot !!

Hey all...

Sorry for not being active on my blog lately. Was busy running around these days.

Anyway, a very impressive 1st time attempt wedding photography by our brother Jiaren who's currently in Australia. On behalf of us all at Medianlabs, a very big CONGRATULATIONS for the shots you've uploaded. I personally am very excited when Jia sent me an offline message on MSN this morning in mentioning about his uploads.

I linked straight to his FLICKR and yeah!!! Creativity in every shots I tell you. I don't wana over exaggerate on his work but do 'prove me right' on my comments by clicking on the Title above. It will link you to Jiaren's Flickr......(Remember, this is his 1st Wedding shoot ah!)


As for us here, we've just gone through Judy & Arthur's wedding last Saturday and I'm still in the midst of compiling their wedding shots. My legs are still aching for running around whole day. They had their wedding at Krokop Evengelical Church, Miri. I'll scribble a bit more about it after I post some collections when I'm done with my sets. I think Ian's done with his. Maaaannn you're fast Ian!.. Thanks Josh & Keane for the back-up.. You guys rocks!

For now, here are 4 pics from their set:

-Judy's 'Slippers'-

-At the studio-

-Arthur & Judy... pretty cute aei!! -

-Judy, "Want some Chipsmore?"-

As for tonite, we will (Medianlabs) be shooting for Chung Hua secondary school's prom nite at Eastwood Valley Golf & Country Club. The boys will be there early. Crew members tonite will be myself, Ian, Joshua & Keane. Gotta go empty the 'cards' now.

Before I end, gotta ask Jia...."Wei Jia... Did you wear the Medianlabs vest when you were shooting?"

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Miri International Jazz Festival (11-12 May 2007)

Hey all..

I was browsing thru some of my past and came across these which I took during the previous 2nd Miri International Jazz Festival held in Parkcity Everly Hotel. I went on the first day with Ian, Mel & Trevor (Ian's brother).

It was a kind of a last minute decision for us to go so I din get to charge my battery. My battery died 1 hour after the event started n I missed the entire show in pictures. Ian took a lot though.. lucky him. Oh well.. hope you like em.

(Click on title for more pictures)

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Kota Kinabalu Trip (12 - 15 Oct 2007)

Hey all.. been a while since I've last scribbled. Jenn & I was away for the Hari Raya holiday in Kota Kinabalu. We took an early drive from Miri at 6am with mum's Wira last Friday reached KK at 3pm. I have to say we were very lucky coz there was no traffic jam at all the 8 check points plus the 2 ferry points.

Upon arrival in KK, our first official meal was at Burger King. Since we don't have Burger King outlets in Miri or any other parts in Sarawak, Jenn suggested we ate there.

We reached Tuaran around 6pm. The day after, I followed Jenn's dad on Hari Raya visits to friends n relatives in Kota Belud and around Tuaran. We manage to stop by at the Horse Racing Track. Took some pics of the horses there. He
own 2 strong horses. Since we were rushing home, I din get to ride on the horses this time.

Dinner was at Gayang Seafood Restaurant. Its about 20 mins drive from Tuaran. If you're new to Tuaran, you'll never tot a seafood restaurant is somewhere out there in the 'jungle'. Its surrounded by forests n pretty close to the sea too.
A dish I totally recommend is the Fried Soft Shell Crabs.

Went shopping the following day with Jenn & her sister Janet. Bought a printer at Karamunsing. After comparing, the IT gadgets are cheaper in KK than Miri. For all you IT enthusiast out there, go buy your PC's, Hard Disks, Printers etc at Karamunsing Complex.

Our drive back to Miri on Monday morning was almost perfect. We left Tuaran at 5am but only reached Miri at exactly 6pm. Imagine that! 13 hours on the road. Could have reached Miri at 1pm but the border at Tedungan - Kuala Lurah (Limbang/Brunei) got us stuck for 4 hours (Normal drive will just take you 8 hours from Miri to KK). Only 1 kilometer to the border and we were stuck for 4 hours. I even walked to the border to pee and back again. Wish I have driven my Honda coz we can watch movies in it. I was telling Jenn in the car, if I'm to race with Ants, they would have reach the border way way earlier than us. Probably the Ants would have reproduced at their 'nest'. Some Ants would have become Grandfather Ants maybe.

Silly ha.. That's wat boredom do to you for 4 straight hours! You begin to talk nonsense. I'd blame the border system which is not efficient enough to accommodate the traffic movement.

Oh well.. hope both Malaysian & the Brunei government will do something quick about it. Build a bridge across the rivers!

Oh yah.. during our dinner at Tanjung Aru Beach, Janet (Jenn's sister) pointed a 'menu signage' which spelled its menu wrongly. Go check it out on my Flickr!!

Thats all for now.. till my next post y'all..

(Click on title for more pics)

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Mel's birthday

Hey all!! How's it going?!! Last thursday (13th September 07) was Melanie's 29th birthday. Had a very lovely evening with the couple and friends. Mum & dad was also asked to join us since auntie Linda was there. The 'warga tua' had a gud chat tat nite.. oh ya.. I din come out wit that 'warga tua' thingy okay. It was Mel. She started it. It was her idea..

Anyway, I'd like to take this opportunity to wish Melanie all the best in her days ahead and may all good things comes to place & may God's blessing be abundance . Melanie has always been a great encouragement to me. After knowing Mel for quite some time, I recognize that this sister has strong will and is determine to get things done PERFECTLY. You ROCK Madam Producer!!

Funny, but at the same time, she's a sentimental soul. Ian, you're lucky maan! I wonder how she can 'tahan' your WACKY & Crazieee ideas. Oh yah.. Congrats on the Coming Soon Baby too yah!!

Not just that, Jenn's birthday was also last week. Hers was on friday, the 14th. The initial plan was to celebrate it together with Mel's but then, Jenn is still in S'pore. If Malaysia can have 'Kongsi Raya' (combination of Gong Xi Fa Chai & Hari Raya), we also can have 'Kongsi Lahir' too (combined birthdays). hmmmm.. we'll plan for that next year then.

Look forward for next year's "KONGSI LAHIR" ya! Have a great day you all. Peace n love!

(click on title for more pics)

Christopher & Sandra's Wedding

Their wedding was on the 8th September 07 at SIB Canada Hill Church. Many guests arrived of course. I've shot at Canada Hill church few times this year but the mood was rather fascinating that day. Though we were all excited, I was a bit slow in catching up with my focus on the details at first. It was an opportunity to try out my 55-200mm Nikor Lense.

Check out some pics of the wedding on my flickr ya!

Okay then.. tats all for now.. but before I say bye, I'd like to wish Christoper & Sandra... CONGRATULATIONS and ALL THE BEST!! Though there were minor 'hicups' before hand, everything turned out LOVELY! You guys were BEAUTIFUL... n you still DO!

Okay.. now, I say.. Bye!!

(click on title for more pics)

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Singapore trip

I was in Singapore 3 weeks ago and these were some images I've captured. The weather was just nice for photography. Food was good but I was really exhausted by end of the day. It was a worthwhile trip. Oh yah.. the electronics were so so cheap too! I went to its PC Fair n it just amazed me at how much they can really bring the prices down with so many freebies tat comes along. Go visit the place... You'll enjoy shopping there..

(click on title for more pics)

K.E.C Church camp

Our church camp was like 4 weeks ago. The gang and I were on assignments to cover photography for the event. It was our 2nd camp and so many of the church members registered for it. We had a fun & exciting time at Eastwood Valley Golf & Country Club. Congrats to the committee members on a successful camp organized. Looking forward for next year's camp.

(click on title for more pics)

Monday, 10 September 2007

My first time...

Hey all..
Welcome to my blog. Ian dragged me into this blogging thingy so here it is.. I'm not very much of a blogger but I guess I'll be 'addicted' to it soon I assume! I'll start by introducing myself then...

I'm Anderson Kalang. Born in a nice n peaceful town, now a city, called Miri. Located at the eastern side of Malaysia in the state of Sarawak. Okay, enough about geography. After being involved a lot with the music ministry in church, I have found a new passion..,... Cameras!! Yup.. Lenses!! I played a lot in editing photos in the past so I guess, I'm hooked on taking pictures and making images look gud. Don't know where this will lead to but hey.. all that matters, I'll make sure you look gud after I 'shoot' you! So.. watch out you all.. ready your million dollar smile!!

I intend to make my first post short so I'll end here okay... I'll post photos in the next post.