Wednesday, 30 January 2008

"Ghosts? Spirits?" - How it was REALLY done...

I didn't intend to create fear or confusion but this is mainly for all to know that, its not wise to believe everything you see coz' even if a photo was not edited, there are other ways to create it.
Even the photos taken in their room were also faked. My cuz threw a white towel in front of the camera as I shot with slow shutter speed. Of course, I had to hold the camera really still.
YUP...The photos are not real as you think they are.

The Methods & Results:

The ultra-violet (UV) light in the room created the 'blueish' effect on the falling white towel.

A very nice 'Lady in a wedding gown' effect captured using a white towel bounced with UV light.

I bet after this, even if I SERIOUSLY captured a ghost image, u guys might not believe it already ha!

P.S : I was never involved with the Pontianak pictures at City Fan ya... It could just be a reflection or light bounce effect of a white bird flying (crane) over the tower.

I like what (Xzombie) commended. "i dont believe in ghosts.. but ghost believe in me..". Indeed, when Christ is in you, who can be against you!

The gang at Bekenu beach. Our intention was to capture the sunset but dark clouds turned us down. I group em up for this shot instead...n the 'ghostly' shot too.

p.s : Nikon remote in my hand (cool gadget from Nikon) of the first few 'slow shutter' shots. (Camera was rested on a tripod with the slowest shutter speed. ISO : 800, White balance : Auto, Lens : Nikkor 18mm-55mm). cousin being the model and the gang 'walking around fast' to create the spirits effect around him.

Moral of the story: "The hand moves faster than the eyes".

What do you think?

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Mystery Photos For You To Solve

Browsed through some old photos I took early last year at my cousin's place and stumbled upon these 'mysterious' capture. Check out the 'soft blue' figure. Here's a side of photography that not many knew much about. Tell me what you think or how this effect came about.

Photos taken in their room. I was standing at the door taking shots of the 2 brothers (Julian & Jonathan) playing computer games.

'Spirit' like figure on the left side of Jonathan.

Shot randomly in the 'mild-lit' room. This image of a lady was shot just standing in front of a mirror which was located on the left.

Does it look like a lady in a wedding gown to you? This area was empty during time of 'slow shutter' shot.

P/S: All photos were untouched/unedited. Only watermarked with Scribbles & Pixels.

Monday, 21 January 2008

Ghosts? Spirits?

Was on the way to Bekenu with my cousin Hezekiah one late evening last month to take some shots of the setting sun. Stopped at a steep cliff somewhere around the coastal highway to take some shots of the setting sun. A few steps back could land you straight down on merciless rocks and harsh waves. Upon arriving, we unloaded my gears ready for the slow shutter shots.

Dark clouds came and interrupted the preparation. Before leaving the place (in disappointment) around 6.50pm, I snapped this! Notice the 'human figures' around him? What could it be?

Note: Picture was NEVER edited. Only watermarked with "Scribbles & Pixels".

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Old Skool

Hey all,

Got a short story to share with you all...

Upon reaching Kota Kinabalu (driving a 10 hours journey) after Christmas recently, Mum, Hezekiah & I made a wrong turn. While he was on the wheels passing Beaufort, I dozed off causing the 'pilot' to loose his 'navigator' since it was his 1st time driving from Miri to KK. We ended up at Kuala Penyu junction instead (a 20km drive from the main road to KK).

After asking an 'uncle' for direction, he told us to drive back (about 20km) from where we came from. Siggghhhh... the trouble! But then, I guess God had a purpose for us to make that wrong turn. It turned out that the old man had been waiting for the bus for almost 3 hours already. He was planning to capture some shots at Kuala Penyu but there was no bus going in.

Yup! We gave him a ride back to KK! (sigh...another 20km out). Being a pastor, Hezekiah was fast to relate it this way, "God lead us to this uncle so we can find our way back while God lead us to him to transport him back to KK (about 1 hour drive from where we were).

I don't remember what this uncle's name is but he sure had an interesting 'Gun' with him. It was a CANON FX. I don't know if anyone of you has ever hold one but it was a real RETRO experience for me. Made me feel like I touched the past! The camera is really Old Skool with blurred lense (manufactured in the 60's) but it is still functioning! Check out the shots below of the ANCIENT DEVICE!

Its not everyday you get to hold an antique camera such as this u know... Although I'm a Nikon user, I'm also proud to say my photography begin with Canon (IXUS 3.2). Wanna see my Canon IXUS 3.2? Would anyone blog about my Canon IXUS 3.2 someday?

*Pray I won't have to be stuck somewhere for anyone to blog about me next time.

The Canon FX, 'freezed in time' by a Nikon D40X

Left hand holding 'The Past', right hand holding 'The Present'!

Check out the metering...

The lense

I wonder if the hands that manufactured this 'ancient gun' is still around today..

Could this be the Shutter control?

Errr.. what is this knob here for?

Uncle X, the proud owner of the Canon FX... (Uncle X, if you're reading this, send me a reply ya!)

To all you 'old timer photographers' out there......Thank you and HATS DOWN with SALUTE for all of your contributions in Photography!

Anderson Kalang.

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Hawaii Beach, Miri

Hey all,

I've posted about Tanjong Beach previously but did not talk about Hawaii Beach. Well, we also have a beach called Hawaii here. Its about 20 mins drive from town. Me and the ladies, namely Ps. Grace, Jenn, Naomi & Jane went to Hawaii Beach two weeks back to riki on the site. Was planning on a gathering with the Young Adults of our church which happened just last Thursday.

Anyway...I think the reason its called Hawaii Beach is due to the numerous amount of coconut trees around the area. Its a private property therefore you need to pay about RM10 for every 'hut' used. If you plan to do some barbeque's, there's an additional RM10 you need to pay coz the 'BBQ Pit' is kept by the owner. (I have his contact if you want to book in advance)

The bridge that link you to the beach.... (where Hawaii is located)

Sorry guys.. No Cars Allowed!

Fishermen 'rest' their boats here...

Coconut trees everywhere....ahhhh cool breeze!!

Jenn & Jane kicking crabs!

Jane... cute isn't she?!!

Here's Jenn doing some stunts of her own.

...and Jane climbed the coconut trees!

...and she was proud of it....before she got stucked!

They all did the JUMP!

..and I had my share of fun too! (photo taken by Jenn)

Oh ya... I have to mention here that you need to put on your Insect Repellent before you arrive coz the mosquitoes & sand flies are DEADLY (especially the Sand Flies...Hate em!). I had to endure 1 week of scratching and hot water bath every day. Cheers all!

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Tanjong Lobang Beach

Hey all,

After a trip from Hawai Beach with Ps. Grace, Jenn, Jane & Naomi two weeks back, we stopped by Tanjong Lobang Beach for some drinks. Grabbed my 'gun' and took some shots of the Jetty & sunset. For those who plan to come to Miri, Tanjong Beach is a must to visit. Try out the 'Special' (a type of mixed fruit drink), 'Satay' and 'Rojak'. The fried noodle with cockles is pretty good too. Gotta grab some food now... hungry hungry..

Jetty from the shore.

...and the sun sank!

...but the fishing enthusiasts remain at the jetty.


Hey all,

During Christmas I got the opportunity to spend time with close family & friends and Hezekiah is one of em close cousins. Every school break while we were in primary school, he would come down n stay over with us. Now, the guy is in Sabah continuing his studies in Theology. A Pastor to be with hilarious ideas n he's very good with the 'Sape' too (A traditional Orang Ulu musical instrument)! Oh... did I mention, he's still single....hehehehe...

I took a few shots of my other family members but I only manage to process his, cause I've been owing him pictures for few months already... hehehhe... Procrastination is not healthy.

By the way... Hope its not too late to wish everyone a Blessed New Year!


(Click on title for more pics)

Tuesday, 8 January 2008



Christmas 2007 has passed, its the new 2008 now. Few days after Christmas 'last' year (sounds so far behind) I manage to catch up with few old friends from school. While visiting Sharon n her family, I took few shots of Janet & Melvin too. Tis gud to talk bout school days once a while. Hope to meet up with old friends from school again! Cheers!