Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Arthur & Judy's Wedding

HellOoooO again!!

Finally their wedding pics are done. Yeshh!! My set of Arthur & Judy is done. Ian finished his set way way earlier than me... He's much too fast to catch up lah. Always on the go la that guy. Nevertheless, my set is complete. Yeehaa!! the relief.. Can breath now... fuuuuuuhhhh...

Once again, Thanks Josh & Keane for your 'running around' during the banquet. Tis great having you guys on the 'pixel maker' here n there.

I've just posted some selected shots of Judy & Arthur so do click on the Title above ya. Like usual, it'll lead you to my flickr gallery. Happy viewing you all.

Oh ya.. do leave your comments okaaay.. Appreciate your 'scribbles'.

Best wishes to Arthur & Judy again. May the Lord continue to lead your journey together and remain blessed. Thanks for being an inspiration. 'Sporting'.. Yeah.. tats the word...'Sporting couple' I can say!

God bless!

- Gonna start with Kith & Menica's wedding shots now...


Mystery LadyBird said...

cant leave my scribbles here as Flickr is blocked by my IT dept..:(

Anderson Kalang said...

Can always see me on msn too. Add me at: wag6174@hotmail.com

Gud job in being mysterious there beb!