Thursday, 22 May 2008

Bangkok, Thailand - Day 1

After sending the family of to KK, we left for Bangkok 2 days after. Thanks to Uncle Charles, he manage to book a hotel in Bangkok for us. I guess many left for their holiday in Bangkok as well which I think caused the full occupancy of hotels in Bangkok.

Anyway, we drove to Brunei on a Wednesday morning after our ticket purchased from our agent. Thank you Auntie Sepai. Reached Brunei around 12pm, we accompanied mum n dad for lunch at the airport. Yup..we went via Royal Brunei Airlines. Very tight security so do follow every instruction you read okay. Before boarding, a guy's perfume still half full was thrown into the bin during security check. I wonder how much that could've cost him?

We left Brunei around 4.55pm. The flight was comfy & t'was pretty relaxing while watching a movie on board. The food in the plane was just nice. Landed in Bangkok around 6.30pm local time headed straight for a cab to our hotel. Lucky I printed the map to the hotel. The cab driver din really speak english. Took him a while to study the map but on the way, Uncle Charles came to the rescue once more (all the way from KK). He called to check on us n I passed the phone to the cab driver (imagine the bills I have to pay for roaming this month end). He was literally directing the driver where to go! (I was surprised that Uncle Charles also speaks Thai).

Upon reaching The Ecotel Bangkok, we planned to change then head out for Thailand's local delicacies when our plan just got halted after opening the room door. Not for the worst but we were so touched by the arrangements made by Mr. Suwat of GM Holidays (Uncle Charles friend) and the staff of The Ecotel. Will show you the pics below. Suwat, if you're reading this, thank you for the flowers, the petals, the cake and all the arrangements.

Dinner was served at a nice restaurant just around the corner to our hotel. The Tom Yum restaurant. Not much details on our 1st day. Check out Day 2 soon. Need me to say, on the 1st day only, I've shot about 100 pics.

Could have landed here but NO..thats the highway.

Disembarking the plane (No cameras please!! hehheehee)

The arrival hall..this is just a 'small portion' of the airport

No wonder he was confused..Too much money makin scheme on his head!

Didn't want to ruin the flower petals on the bed. She slept at the bed side instead.

Flowers were everywhere in the room. Even in the washroom. How sweet!

Yeeaah!! You got that right, Suwat! We're very happy indeed.

"You come to Thailand, You drink SINGHA!" ROOAARR!!

They call it 'The Green Chicken Curry' though it wasn't so green to me

Forgot its name but that was really a tasty fish I tell you! The 4 of us had a very filling diner. These were just a portion of the food we ordered. So much we ate & so tasty too!

Suwat and his *ehem...She pretty aei?!


linzhi said...

can u post photos of the wedding itself pleeaaseeeee??? I cannot find them anywhere laaaa :P

chegu carol said...

how come ur hotel so baik one...kasi welcome u with bunga2 some more. Last time I bunga2. Not nice my hotel tu. :(

Anderson said...

Linzhi, the wedding pics are not done yet. Will advise you the site when I've got em.

Chegu Carol, maybe that time the bunga very expensive or bukan musim bunga yet. Maybe that time it was musim durian. heheheheee

Darren said...

I think the fish is a barrmundi

Anonymous said...

I like the wedding pictures. Kindly upload more of them, so i can enjoy and dream of that. :)


Anonymous said...

Olaaaaa.........Nice pic. Good job bro....Good Luck..