Wednesday, 9 September 2009


Dear Anderson's Picturific followers, fans and viewers,

A huge thanks and appreciation to all of you for your continuous support and visits during the period of this blog launched since 2007. Before, when I was picking up photography on my point & shoot camera, the Canon IXUS 3.2mp and having the urge to snap & write, the blog was named "Scribbles & Pixels". In the midst of 2008, I went from secondary to primary photographer (Main Photographer) carrying a name for my own, known to you now as "Anderson's Picturific".

Along the way, I've encountered beautiful & memorable times capturing many moments digitally. To all the couples, individuals & event organizers that I've worked with, thank you for your unending belief & preference with Anderson's Picturific. Thank you for your friendship for you place me where I am today. The feeling of moving to a new house is just as similar to shifting to a new web hosting. This blog has witnessed many of my ramblings & exciting encounters therefore it has earned its sentimental value in my heart.

Glad to inform everyone too that effective September 2009, Anderson's Picturific has moved to Kuala Lumpur. Got ourselves a new place here. Though so, I'll be looking forward to cover events in Sabah & Sarawak anytime given the opportunity kay...

The journey is still long and the learning is never ending. I would like to convey my deepest appreciation to a fellow brother for his tireless effort in setting up the new platform for my photography journey. Anonymous as he intended to be, he has shifted the content of this blog to a better layout. Do be advised that upgrades on the new website will come gradually so do be prepared for changes kay!

So folks, with much love and happy thoughts of your continuous follow-ups and future business, as of today (09.09.09), Andersonkalang.Tk has now officially moved to See You At The New Website!!!


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AAW said...'s great to see your new "home" here and to know that you're in this part of the world these days. Super warm shots you have here of weddings. Wishing you all the best & GB!