Monday, 21 April 2008

Bonnie & Liser's Wedding

Shooting Bonnie & Liser's wedding couple of weeks back was relatively fun though this time, I was again the primary photographer. Joshua did pretty well being my secondary. Thanks Joshua!

The couple was very much free to pose in every manner I suggested to them (in the room I mean). Though it took me quite some time to edit all the shots taken but in the end, I'm glad the couple's happy with the result. A Lun Bawang guy married to a Kelabit girl. Speak almost the same language but a bit different in culture. Massive amount of gifts were exchanged during the dinner. I think, thats one of the beauty of mix marriages in Malaysia. Double or probably triple the amount of blessing aei!

Love simply overcomes all odds. Congrats again to the couple. To all my very supportive viewers, thank you for your encouragement. I leave you all with some of my favorites...Cheers!

Photo A

Photo B

Photo C

Photo D

Photo E

Photo F

Photo G

Photo H

Photo I

Photo J (Mr & Mrs Liser Pengiran)

Photo K


ami3 s10 said...

cantik oh geng!!!!!!! i like i love!! :D!!

ScHoePenToeTer said...

lovely shoot dude..
memang the bride tak akan mnesal punya..

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dicksonjmaran said...

steady la.. nice .. bleach effect ..

aV said... YOU ARE A PRO...

May the Lord bless you and you use your gift wisely.

GraceSupang said...

Blog hiatus kah u these past few weeks? or is it me who keeps on pestering on ppl's blog everyday? :p

nway, yang mana satu Bonnie dan mana satu Liser ni??

I love the picture where the bride look up. *two-thumbs up*