Thursday, 7 August 2008

Amy's session

First of all, I have not been updating my blogsite due to loads of activities going on for the past 3 weeks. KEC Anniversary was 3 weeks back, the SIB Youth Ministry fund raising dinner "Blessed To Bless" at Boulevard Restaurant followed after and SIB Family day was held just last Saturday at Pusat Belia & Sukan.

Anyway, I was on assignment at the Star Cineplex taking shots of Amy last Tuesday (you'll see her at the counter if u wanna get your movie ticket). I was requested to photograph her for some portfolio. Normally I'll take at least an hour for site shoot but hers was only 20mins.


A few more in my Flickr HERE.


Stella said...

I'm first.. yea.

Why does the Master post only 1 photo this time? Wanna see more. Been waiting for more of your artwork, Sifu. Don't stop posting. I'm a fan of your work. :D

Amy said...

Short n sweet ! What u want me to say ? ;) . I know this lady ..but anyway , she knows where to locate a gud talent like urself . The pics have their own highlights eventho the location is limited. Overall...Good-good !

Terrick said...

No wonder she looks familiar to me. :) Really enjoy to read your blog here, lots of great photo. Nice work.