Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Valerie at Marina Bay Seafood Restaurant, Miri

Hi all.. I'm back & I have new photos to show you. Took these at the 'not so new' Marina Bay Seafood Restaurant at Tanjong, Miri. I can say Val's a natural at posing in front of the lens. The minute my D300 was 'tuned', her poses almost melt my lens...HOTS! Okay, I was a bit exaggerating on the melting part. Anyway..these shots were taken using my new AF-S 18-200mm Nikkor f/3.5-5.6G ED DX VR lens. The Nikkor 70-200 mm F2.8 VR would have been better but will see...probably someone might wanna donate one for me to 'play' with someday.

So..why I picked the Marina Bay Seafood Restaurant as the site for this photo shoot? Well, not until you go there, only you'll realize how unique and beautiful the Balinese carvings & authentic workmanships are. From the info I was told by a good friend, the workers were brought from Bali to specially built the place (the woodwork of course). The seafood are flown alive from everywhere around the world. Not just that, the ambiance while dinning is simply intriguing, captivating, absorbing with the sea neighboring it...basically, you have to experience it yourself lah. Okay enough said. Call Devan at 012-288 0445 for your scrumptious evening kay!

Bah...Since I've not been talking to you for the past 1 month, excuse my 'long letter' this time kay. Now, back to Valerie.. After her make-up session which took about 2 hours with Carol (our make-up artist), we headed straight to the location (mentioned above) and got Valerie to change into her first outfit. The black & gold 'cheongsam' blends well with the carvings. Most of the shots were taken at the restaurant's entrance. With her second & third outfits (bikini's), we shot outdoor & this is where a reflector was used. Frasier assisted me this time. Since its a bit bulky to have a softbox outdoor due to many changes of location, a reflector is sufficient for these shots. Do be advised, we also use the reflector indoor. Bounce method was use the whole period. One quick & fun photo session we had.

She flew the same evening to KL to catch another photo shoot the following day. Enjoy yourself girl!











..and finally, a shot by Lili of the photographer (of course me lah) & the model.

Click HERE for more photos in my Flickr gallery. To Val, all the best in the modeling industry. KL sure is lucky to have you along with the many talents there. Glad to be a part of your portfolio. Cheers!


Mystery LadyBird said...

good luck to her modelling career too. noted on few of her poses which are still quite stiff, need to improve on that but overall the pictures are well taken due to her look. :)

anderson, you are very good in portrait taken photos - i liked!!

Anderson said...

Thnx for the comment Ladybird. Val, if ur reading this, take note ah. Gotta loosen up those bones now. Yoga might help I guess..hehehe

Ladybird, ur too kind. Thnx 4 visiting. How about we do a session on you now?

YeRm said...

son! i love the pics... pretty model, good pose and great photographer! ko memang hebat! So, bila tek kmk 2 jen jd model kau?? hahaha!!

Jennifer said...

hahahaha yerm.... jan lah, sia indak mo, ko saja lah... pengsan org tengok lemak sia nanti... hahaha!!!! indak jadi lah sia...

Amy said...

Aiyoooo.... How to begin ! The pics look awesome with prettylady ( That's why she gets tobe the model ;) ) . The last pic I give u 2 thumbs up! Why becoz this guy pandai pancing komen ...hehehe... Kan Nson ? But really.... he does pandai take photos .

dickson said...

doo ileh iko kanid.. mileh ayu' te iko leh.. ur still the no.1 chewah!

LiL AnGeL said...

thanx aLL (KemBang IdonG ToK)...n aLso biG thanX 2 was great n fun during da photoshoot...yea, i shaLL learn YoGa la next time, atleast can do "X-TreMe" pose...keh keh...anyways, ThuMbS uP 4 u Bro!

Anderson said...

Yerm, jom la.. ready your tight skirt and loosen em bra's.. hehehe. We're going "hunting!"

Amy, glad u love em photos. How about putting urs in it. Would you like that? The last picture aku pancing komen kah? Wei.. the only reason she look good there is because I'm standing next to her okay...hehehehe

Valerie, finaly you've arrive at my blogsite. How was the shoot in KL? Did you make em boys drool already?!

Thanks for the 2 thumbs gurl. Maybe next time, I'll even have your Toes up too! Thanks for trusting me in "Makin you look HOT"!

dell said...

could never imagine you as a photographer anderson...excellent works . remember sect 19 & 18 Shah Alam ?

old friends..

Anderson said...

Dell, I'm not quite sure who you are but thank you for complimenting my work. Can't view your blog or profile either. Mind to intro pls.. Wud be great catching up with old friends!

Amy said...

Hahaha...Very funny Son! Maybe in the nx life I'll get back to u for 'My'beautifully...mind u Cantik pic ok. U tunggu lah !

Miss JoyGracia said...

pics are nice. nice background. :D

val, u look nice when u smile. really hot n pretty. :D

anyway, work on ur non-smile pose. coz u tend to do the sulking face, relax ur lips. :) just work that a lil bit n u'll be great, believe me. :DD

son, ambik jak gamba jen ba... ishh.. biar jak lemak2 tu.. hahahaahaha. :DD

Jennifer said...

ambik ko saja lah joy for the 2nd time... aku sik kisah... lemak ko lagi kacak dr aku punya...

fook said...

nice sunset photos, well expose background with flash :)

Anderson said...

Joy, Jenn & I are gonna 'shoot' you when ur back.. Jaga you!

Fook, cool shades dude. You have to take me running sometime. Wadayasay?!

Miss JoyGracia said...

jen: hHHAHAHAAHAHAAHAaahaha.. takpa ba jen.. sya sini dah gumuk dah.. gila sangat makanan sini. either oily or tooooo oily wan.. hahahahahahahaa

son: i wana eat good food... i cant do any photoshoot anymore coz of the food here laaaaaaa.. hahahahaahahaha..

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