Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Norman & Shandy's Outdoor E-Session - Petroleum Museum, Miri


Being separated across continents (one in East Malaysia & another in the UK), Norman & Shandy have 'just started' their first step towards "Rings, I do's and Ever After". I had a quick outdoor portrait session with the couple at Miri's Petroleum Museum coz we had to head straight to Dynasty Hotel for their engagement dinner. Nonetheless, it was a 'breeze' coz both Norman & Shane can really compliment each other in every frames.

So, their story goes a bit like this.. The couple have known each other from church a couple years back. As time passed, their feelings & love for each other flourished even though distance kept them apart, when Shandy was sent to UK to further her studies while Norman was posted to work in Labuan with an Oil & Gas company.

Here are some portraits of their outdoor E-session... To Norman & Shandy, thank you for having me as a part of this beautiful journey. Congrats and a blessed journey ahead!










misscodiaeum said...

Aiyoh....very very verrrrryyyyyyyyyyy nice picture :) Anderson!!! I just love all your picture...So prettylah :P Makin maju dah pictures2 kau Son! Im so amazedlah..everthing is perfect in this shoting! colours...serenade...backgrd...outfit WONDERFUL!!! Congrats Son! I just love everthing :D

hahaha si Shane sudah mauk naik tingkat atas sudah nie! hehehe :) COngratsss sist Shane! God bless

Ivy said...

yo~~!! Anderson..! what have u done to their photos ni?.. fantastic colours la!!! im juz lovin' it~~!! its really look soooo real n im so impressed! couldnt wait for being part of it.. hahahhaha!! someday~~~

anyway.. keep it up!! Cheersss!! :D

Anonymous said...

anderson, thanks a lot for all the great shots!!! we both love em..and all my friends (tauk2 lah ko sidak ya), they all enjoy the session with you!! tho, we had a quick outdoors session however we still manage it and we both really enjoyed!! thanks a lot bro!! anyway, ui baru sampe uk tok, my fren here trus tengok my photos album..they asked me who's the photographer??!! heheh!!! i ask them to fly to malaysia and catch up with u!! haha...ur work impressed everybody!! all the best bro.. see ya!! GOD Bless u and urs.. best wishes, shane and norman.

Mrs. Anderson said...

Shane... ko meninggalku begitu saja kah tanpa kata2 akhir mu... son sob sob... kekeke... Hi beb, sampai dah ko UK??? Eventhough just knew u sik tau kenapa ni hati ku menrinduimu... hehehe... dah lah pendiam, senyum mcm kambing... hehehe... kidding bah, its nice knowing u and ur beloved norman.

Thanks so much for the choc beb, sik sampai ati aku mo buka makan, anderson pula memaksa ku but i won't let him have dat coz its mine... hehehehe... jahat kan sa!!!!

What I can say about ur photos is... WOW!!! you two really can "berposing"... sik mcm aku, aku sik pandai lah, u two much more better than me... laki aku pening kepala ngan aku... hehehe!

Anyway, Congrats again for ur engagement! Take Care u two..

shane norman said...

hello mrs.anderson..hehe!! aku meningalkan semua tanpa kata2 akhir ku kerana hatiku penuh dgn kesihan meningalkan kalian..biarlah aku merantau dgn penuh kesepian..hehe!!cheh!! thanks alot for all the support!! and its really pleasant knowing u and urs husband! salam perkenalan..hehe!! nanti big day kita jumpam lagi..or u and anderson have a visit here.. hehe!! anyway, thanks alotz!! Take care and be Bless.

YeRm said...

wah.. wah.. wah... nang picturific la... hehe.. Tp son, kalau kau jak ambik gmbr, i memang xdpt pdh apa lah... nang kaw kaw ah! hehe.. Very nice pics u have there for their shots! Both of them look great!! Nang kmk dua Jen balik2 ngga ko dua time sesi pengambaran ya tek.. Cute couple. :) Niway, congrates on engagement! Shane, pengambaran d M'sia dah.. bila lg d UK?? Klk kmk 2 jen pg sia klk jd assistant son... hehe..;p

Anderson Kalang said...

To Misscodiaeum, Ivy & Yerm, 'loving' every subject I photograph is key to every possibilities. By witnessing the way this couple compliment each other in every frames, is another angle of life I have learn in appreciating LOVE even more.

To Shane & Norman, though its just your engagement, I thank you for the testimony of love & faith that you both have shared to everyone present that beautiful evening. Indeed, there is a higher power that unites. I thank you both & I'm blessed to be a part of it.

God Bless..

CalebT said...

Wow! very nice shots!

Tamparuli Sabah said...

I am very admire the way your take your picture and I really like. Can you share how to take a good picture?