Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Shawn's Portraiture

Over the holidays in KK, I took quite a number of 'impromptu portraits assignments'. Here's an intro to an addition to the Chang family, Shawn Spencer Chang.

After his bath, little Shawn was dressed up by his mummy for an outing. While his daddy (my brother in-law, Spencer) was out , little Shawn was left to play on the bed on his own. This little fella is really a self-entertainer! To Spencer & Erostah (Shawn's parents), thanks for 'professionally fully utilizing' your brother in-law on Shawn's portraits!

Shawn Spencer Chang

He loves doing 'the tongue'..


Karen said...

Love how his personality shine in the pictures, & he is adorable! Very nostalgic feel :)

Anderson Kalang said...

Yup.. adorable indeed. Missing the guy already. Karen, we've met?