Thursday, 14 February 2008

Stopped by Kuala Lumpur for a day...

Alrite guys, to continue on my journey back to Miri, these are shots taken in KL last Friday. Not many places were visited since we only had 1 day to catch the 7.00pm flight on Air Asia.

After breakfast, we head of to Petaling Street. The gang bought a few bags each where else I bought only a pair of shades.

Chest Nut or 'Berangan' were roasted at a portable stall. I only took photos but didn't get the chance to taste it. I wonder how good it is?

"Uncle, how much is your MILK?" Ladies buying home-made Tofu & Soya milk along the street.

Since it was the 2nd day of Chinese New Year, crowd gathered at this shop to witness a Lion Dance perfomance.

As we past Dataran Merdeka, I took few shots of the KTM Railway Station. A historic building I must say. This is just its clock tower.

While waiting for our flight, I took the opportunity to check my mails n replied Adriene's message on my blog. The airport is 'Wi-Fi-ed'

In the plane, I ordered Air Asia's latest offer in its menu. The 'Nasi Briyani'.

Looks yummy doesn't it? Well.. it is tasty indeed. For those of you who are gonna fly soon on Air Asia, you should try it. Don't forget to give a long smile to the Air-Hostess ya. She might give you a discount!

An 'almost' sunset shot taken from my window. Didn't get to see the sun coz we were 'flying away' from it as we head back to the Eastern side of Malaysia.

Alrite guys, thats a brief story on my 1 week journey last Chinese New Year holidays. I'm back in Miri and looking forward for Adrian & Bernice's wedding reception this weekend. Cheers!

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