Wednesday, 21 May 2008

"Travel3Sixty" with Air Asia

Hi everyone..

Good to be back again after about 3 weeks of silence. Was on a long break due to 'higher calling'. I didn't wanna miss the Miri International Jazz Festival on purpose actually especially when I was awarded 2 nights free entry tickets. Sorry guys, I gave the tickets away already.

Anyway, the 10th of May happened to be our wedding day too & that's the 'higher calling' I was hinting earlier.

Guess what! After coming back from Kota Kinabalu before the wedding, after talking to the very nice air host & hostess on board, we brought down one of the Air Asia in-flight magazine (Travel3Sixty), after purchasing some other souvenirs on-board. Know why???

Well, coz MY ARTICLE ON LANGKAWI WAS PRINTED IN IT! After the Langkawi trip last February, I submitted an article to Air Asia and few weeks later, I was informed of it going to fill a page in the magazine. Yes...I'm very thrilled about it.

For any of you who will be flying via Air Asia this month (May), do take a peak at the magazine kay. If there is none in the seat pocket in front of you, do request one from the sweet air hostess. Tell em you know me...heheheeee..

Its (Travel3Sixty) a very informative magazine indeed. Wanna know about culture, places of interests, music, tech's and food outlets around Asia, Travel3Sixty is one magazine you should check out!

Here's the May 2008 issue with my write-up attached:




ami3 s10 said...

ala!! damnit.. the seat that i was on didnt have the magazine!! I missed it..:( sa baru balik kl bah nie. arghh!! syang sa tida nmpakkkkk! nemain, I ask my fren to curi nanti! buahaha! someone's coming down fr Kl tonight..wee! lol

Anderson said...

hehehee.. Amie.. u so noty eh! Nevermind, I think other people also doing the same thing. The magazine is HOT I know!

JaY-C4182 said...

Hi pal, congratz once again. Hmm, my bro will be coming back from Kuching end of this month. I will ask him to 'curi' that magazine from d air craft. Hahahaha.... so mean wan me ha. Teaching my bro to be 'long hand'. But I'm sure lot of ppl will do that too. Macam sik biasa jadi 'long hand' in d air craft. :)

GraceSupang said...

Cool... if i were u, i will brag about it for one whole month... haha. that's absurd.

will make sure I get a sneak peak of that column once i hop into AirAsia..soon.

bkn saja i tell them i knw u, instead, i'll tell them we are related..(yerr sik mauk kalahhh)

mok tumpang glamer la tekk.

ehem.just take it as a joke :D

Anderson said...

Jay-c, don't la long hand long hand.. ask nicely only bah. Sure the nice stewardess will give one. If they don't wanna give, then say you don't wanna fly Air Asia nymore la..hehehe jokin ah.

Grace, you do that. Tell em I'm ur kanid. Nang benar pun kan. Wei..I cannot log on to your blog eh. Add me up will you. Thanks.

GraceSupang said...

haha.. eih, my blog ntg interesting to see larh. not worth it. :)

dickson said...

hey kanid.. i really have to put down my hats for u.. steady la.. taruk2 te' narih k.. don't stop doing sumthing that u're blessed with! tp bini pun mau layan juga.. trust me.. i know.. hehe

Anderson said...

Mo kanid! Will keep that in mind. She's one reason I'm motivated to do what I'm doing too. You keep up ur gud work k. Ada masa, kita minum sama ah.

Anonymous said...

well done on the article. Thats really good.