Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Kurt & Grace's Wedding

The day after Vincent & Miriam's engagement, we attended Kurt & Grace's wedding at SIB Krokop Evengelical Church. Grace was one of the many that ignited our youth fellowship about 15 years ago. And now, she is our youth pastor. As for Kurt, he flew all the way from the USA to meet his bride. In a simple way, I'd say the ministry got them together. It was a touching moment to witness the two exchange their vows. Kurt has a way in 'tickling' his guests that day. Check out 'the face' he did during the lighting of their Unity Candle.

To Grace & Kurt, congratulations from Jenn & I. Also, thank you for your love and guidance to us, especially the Young Adults Fellowship of KEC. Though I was just attending, my finger was itchy to snap some shots, so.. here are some of the details I captured that day.. Enjoy!

It can never be complete without the rings.

Petals along the aisle

Candle stands uniquely decorated

The excited Groom listening attentively to his Bestman


Lighting their Unity Candle..."What's with the face, Kurt? Wrong candle?"

The Bride's bouquet

Pastor blessing the couple

Some jokes going on?


Gina said...

do i shud be the 1st to post comment meh...the pics were gud. the light match the background.wat else shud i said again.u did a great job wit camera.Let's Winnie give u more comments k.

_zAe.E.pinQ_ said...

Beautiful. Lights are good. Love the colours, again!
Candid- in action most of it eh? Do'o, good work kani'd luv!

More? hehehehe
I can never be satisfied in just 'FEW' shots! Sik pernah puas. How lah this bro? hihihihihih...
Teiiiiiiii, addictedddddddddd dah :))

Win. said...

Well... lets see... As always u memang pandei tangkap gambar . I enjoyed the pics eventho u were not assigned as the photographer the cam is a must lah kan . hehehehe... luv the flower petals most ! Yes...addicted to ur blog so pandei2x lah selalu update kan . The limits is of in every pic . Gud job!

Anderson said...

Gina, wish I have a trophy to present to you for being the 1st but not to worry. By being one of my frequent visitor, that I know of, maybe some freebies for your wedding package later k.

Zae.e.pinq & Win, its good that you guys are addicted to my photos. There are not limits to it. Moral of the story to everyone reading my blog, "Take Photos, NOT Drugs".