Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Outdoor with Photoshop Guru, Mr Syahrin Aziz

Upon meeting up with photoshop sifu, Mr Syahrin Aziz (Canon shooter & KL based Pro-Wedding Photographer), we grabbed an opportunity to shoot Cindy outside a local restaurant in KK. So... the story goes like this, while having a good conversation with the photoshop sifu, we noticed a nice looking prospect model dialing some numbers on her mobile. So, being honest & sweet as always, I approached, and spoke to the lady. The rest is what you'll see below. I think she did okay for her first time. Syahrin, if you're at this page, "Tabik kat lu la Cikgu.. and thanks for the session"

These are 2 of my shots of her.. Which is you fav?

Doing the 'half-frames' on Cindy!


The Cikgu in action!

"Kontrol macho session!"

(Shot by Syahrin Aziz on my Nikon D300)

And finally, back to her phone again..

To view Syahrin's artwork on FLICKR, click HERE


Little Debbie said...

WooWW bro!! hermm..rasa tkunci saja mulut saya ni maok puji ko..x tauk mok cakap apa..mmg umpph!!! la...x sbr mok tunggu ko shot our pic..

_zAe.E.pinQ_ said...

Now, sudah 'meliar' iyerrr? heheheheee...
Go catch/ jala ikan on the spot and take shots of them. Do'o ribad ih. Do'o shots dih. Good job. Good job! Buat aku mau lepak- lepak jgak nih then suddenly somewhere out from nowhere... kena tegur- just to jadi model for photographers!
Wow! ;))

Mrs. Ezman said...

Anderson..sexy bangat ya model kamurang hahaha..anw, i like the first one. Lawa senyuman dia..nicely half frame and nice bokeh! *thumb up*

dickson said...

eh, u tone down dah oo. hehe.. nice shots la bro.. half frame oo.. nice..

misscodiaeum said...

nice...nice....nice....picture son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have fun :)

chegu carol said...

no wonder the girl who was dialing her mobile phone caught ur attention...hot eh! :P

i wonder why your feed never got to my google reader. selalu ketinggalan ni..only when you mentioned in ur FB then i know u got updates :(