Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Bario Highlands - Ulung Palang Longhouse

Located on a hill between the old airstrip & the school, stand two long houses namely the Ulung Palang Ditaq & Ulung Palang Beneh. Renamed Bued Main, the Ulung Palang Ditaq was destroyed in a fire. Ulung Palang Beneh however, is still standing but very old now. It is also the longhouse we are from. Most of the people there were from the now extinct Pa' Mada longhouse near Long Dano.

Passing the old airstrip's control tower. Can't really see the airstrip anymore due to thick grass. When I was a kid, this place use to be the 'town centre'. Passing it reminds me of the time when late grandpa use to send sacks of rice to the airstrip, dragged by his buffalo.

Upon arrival at the hilltop, you'll see a new row of longhouse still under construction. Now, this is the Ulung Palang Ditaq or now called Bued Main. Oh yah, we didn't walk from the airport. We took the car instead. Don't worry, there are always smiling faces to greet & transport you from the airport.

Do wear your rubber boots. Otherwise, your footwear will end up like mine here. Had to soak it overnight to remove the mud. Not complaining though. Aaaaahhhh.. the smell of mud again... Miss it!

Introducing the Ulung Palang Beneh longhouse. This is just half the length from outside.

The residence still await assistance from the government in filling soil at this erosion site just a few meters from the main structure.

One of the very few young residence of the longhouse. Most of the younger generations have left the village to pursue their studies & carrier in the cities. Most of the children brought their old folks to live with them. When I was around 10 yrs old, its normal to see kids running around the longhouse. Now, its really a quiet place.

The generator house located at the foothill of the longhouse. Another setback in Bario, no electricity till today. Generators are widely used to light the houses at night. Fuel is extremely expensive too coz everything has to be flown in.

To enter the longhouse, you'll walk along this narrow path towards our door.

Another shot of the walk path but this time, from our door entrance.

Inside Ulung Palang Beneh. Pretty vacant now coz most of its residence have moved to the cities.

Here's the 'tawak' located after the rows of rooms where on that day, a few boys were playing futsal.

Before lunch, I switched on my phone. As expected, NO NETWORK COVERAGE. Due to telecommunication barrier here, I was informed that there's a service provider in the midst of extending its mobile service. Hopefully by January 2009, calls can be made to mobile phones in Bario.

Made of Bario grown rice, the 'Nuba Layak' (Soften Rice) is wrapped in leaves and can last for days when kept dry. When I was younger, dad use to joke with us saying that the Kelabits are among the richest people around because they always throw away their 'plates' after every meal.

I'll make sure I'll finish posting on our Bario trip A.S.A.P... For now, "Kuman tauh" (Lets Eat!)


Anonymous said...

phew... what a wonderful place. no place like Bario. Home Sweet Home. Cant wait to go back again this xmas. Pa'Lungan here i come. ^.^v

Anderson Kalang said...

Hmmm.. I wonder who is tis Pa'Lungan fella? Care to intro pls?

Abidin Agan said...

rindu eh kampong halaman..

Alau, S said...

yeaaaa.. u went ka to arur layun?

_zAe.E.pinQ_ said...

Nuba' laya'!!!

Wih *miss* lsk kuman ruyung deng ubih and labo bereq!
Apamasam ini..? Mhmmm...

Philip said...

Hi,good to know that there are so many terrific photographers like you.Very impressive pictures. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

huh!...long time never kuman that Nuba Laya,we in Lawas called that Nuba Tengga(wrapping rice).

anyway,nice post!...

pengiran said...

phewwwwwiiitttt!!!!!bario is beautifullllllllll