Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Christopher & Sandra's Wedding

Their wedding was on the 8th September 07 at SIB Canada Hill Church. Many guests arrived of course. I've shot at Canada Hill church few times this year but the mood was rather fascinating that day. Though we were all excited, I was a bit slow in catching up with my focus on the details at first. It was an opportunity to try out my 55-200mm Nikor Lense.

Check out some pics of the wedding on my flickr ya!

Okay then.. tats all for now.. but before I say bye, I'd like to wish Christoper & Sandra... CONGRATULATIONS and ALL THE BEST!! Though there were minor 'hicups' before hand, everything turned out LOVELY! You guys were BEAUTIFUL... n you still DO!

Okay.. now, I say.. Bye!!

(click on title for more pics)


Yee Boon said...

really thank God ur lens is still alrite. My goodness. My heart is beating fast too when u describe how the "baby" drop onto the cememt ground >,<

Anderson Kalang said...

Oh yeah babe.. trust me, when I mentioned the silence, there was really about 2 or 3 seconds silence around me when it dropped. As if time stopped there for a moment. THE HEART BEAT!! You know, after the incident, I came to realize it was God's covering on us including our equipments used that day. Remember to pray always before you work on something. I believe God will always guide. Amen!

Ian Shepherd Salang said...

I heard it drop from the front!!