Monday, 10 September 2007

My first time...

Hey all..
Welcome to my blog. Ian dragged me into this blogging thingy so here it is.. I'm not very much of a blogger but I guess I'll be 'addicted' to it soon I assume! I'll start by introducing myself then...

I'm Anderson Kalang. Born in a nice n peaceful town, now a city, called Miri. Located at the eastern side of Malaysia in the state of Sarawak. Okay, enough about geography. After being involved a lot with the music ministry in church, I have found a new passion..,... Cameras!! Yup.. Lenses!! I played a lot in editing photos in the past so I guess, I'm hooked on taking pictures and making images look gud. Don't know where this will lead to but hey.. all that matters, I'll make sure you look gud after I 'shoot' you! So.. watch out you all.. ready your million dollar smile!!

I intend to make my first post short so I'll end here okay... I'll post photos in the next post.


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