Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Mel's birthday

Hey all!! How's it going?!! Last thursday (13th September 07) was Melanie's 29th birthday. Had a very lovely evening with the couple and friends. Mum & dad was also asked to join us since auntie Linda was there. The 'warga tua' had a gud chat tat nite.. oh ya.. I din come out wit that 'warga tua' thingy okay. It was Mel. She started it. It was her idea..

Anyway, I'd like to take this opportunity to wish Melanie all the best in her days ahead and may all good things comes to place & may God's blessing be abundance . Melanie has always been a great encouragement to me. After knowing Mel for quite some time, I recognize that this sister has strong will and is determine to get things done PERFECTLY. You ROCK Madam Producer!!

Funny, but at the same time, she's a sentimental soul. Ian, you're lucky maan! I wonder how she can 'tahan' your WACKY & Crazieee ideas. Oh yah.. Congrats on the Coming Soon Baby too yah!!

Not just that, Jenn's birthday was also last week. Hers was on friday, the 14th. The initial plan was to celebrate it together with Mel's but then, Jenn is still in S'pore. If Malaysia can have 'Kongsi Raya' (combination of Gong Xi Fa Chai & Hari Raya), we also can have 'Kongsi Lahir' too (combined birthdays). hmmmm.. we'll plan for that next year then.

Look forward for next year's "KONGSI LAHIR" ya! Have a great day you all. Peace n love!

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