Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Singapore trip

I was in Singapore 3 weeks ago and these were some images I've captured. The weather was just nice for photography. Food was good but I was really exhausted by end of the day. It was a worthwhile trip. Oh yah.. the electronics were so so cheap too! I went to its PC Fair n it just amazed me at how much they can really bring the prices down with so many freebies tat comes along. Go visit the place... You'll enjoy shopping there..

(click on title for more pics)


Ms said...

Love the shots you got thr..

Anderson Kalang said...

Thank you.. glad you like em. Err.. who's tat if I may ask?

sun, sea & sand lover said...

hey anderson, stumbled upon your blog while visiting louis pang's. did you enter this shot in digital camera magazine? i thought i saw something like this shot in the magazine (can't remember which issue though). anyway, interesting blog. cheers.

Anderson Kalang said...

Thanks for visiting. Nope, I didn't submit the shot. Wished I've submitted this picture earlier than the one u saw in the magazine though. Read some of ur posts too. Interesting stories you've got! Keep it up ya. Cheers!