Monday, 24 March 2008

Burger King

Wish we have Burger King in Miri lah. As I recall, we use to have one outlet many years back when I was in my early secondary years. I don't know for what reason, it closed down. For me and many Mirian friends, for as long as we're in KK, Burger King is a must to stop by.

This is a heart cries from one of the many people of Miri! Open an outlet in Miri pleeaaasse... Such glory to be united with Burger King once again.

Coke at B.K.

Janet preparing her Feast

Part of the Ecstasy Ingredient

My Ecstasy

"Have a break, Have Burger King!"
(those guys at the background should be in B.K. instead)


.:nick:. said...

Im longing for Burgerrr Kinggg... *drools..*

Ami3 S10 said...

adui! kenapa ndak mkn mushroom swiss burger???? Thats like the bomb man! haha! Sa lapar sda tingu the food pics....-_-

Anderson said...

Nick, don't you wish you have a bite now? hehehehe..

Amie, ada kah Mushroom Swiss Burger? I didn't see pun hari tu. Next time remind me to grab a bite kay! Miss Burger King ody laaaa...

GraceSupang said...

Heard they gonna open one back in miri..i heard la. the new soon to be 'the biggest mall' in miri..ppfftt.
anyway, everyone is dying hard to just take a glimpse of the King of all burgers but seriously, u will get bored of it like i am now. mana tidak, BK is just right down my college. even the smell of it makes me wanna puke. ok. im exaggerating.
BK still the best!

Anderson said...

Issit?!! They're opening one in Miri soon? Yeehaaa! Who got news? Who got more news on this? Update..please update.