Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Labuan Airport

While waiting for my flight from Labuan to KK last Monday, I tried to do some architectural photography, if thats what you call it. The roof and the flooring moved me to try a few shots. No flash, just slow shutter all the way...





gvanessa said...

Hey Anderson sir, these architectural snaps of yours are incredible!

I've also checked out your latest wedding pics and my oh my..I know this is what you've been waiting for..jeng jeng jeng..**EXCELLENT job I must say!** Job well done even without the FLASH working! It's good that you're versatile with your camera and well done in your ability in improvising in most crucial events!

I look forward to smilling infront of your camera in Dec!!! I can't wait! You'll have to keep snapping and I hope I won't break ur lenses! LOL! Keep up the good work sir!

Mrs Gevany Hughes

Anderson said...

Hello Gevany..

Thank you for your appreciation towards my work. Once in a while, breakdown do happens so this is where tweaking of camera settings and angles plus available light comes to challenge. I have a back-up flash actually but I chose to tweak the camera setting tis time.

I'm also looking forward for your shoot this year end. Say hi to Phillip for me too.. Start practicing your poses and 'probably' you might just 'melt' my lens!

Oh ya... am I gonna get a souvenir from the UK?

dickson said...

Hey grandmaster =),

these photos really sumthing huh.. nice lah.. i might try snapping in a car basement with the slow shutter effect? i think i read sumwhere it give the car the shiny effect like these photos kan..

twinky said...

hey there,

i've been wanting to comment on this collections of yours.... u know i go to labuan once in a while for job and i owes 'lepak' at the airport while waiting for my transportation or for my next flight back and while admiring the newly opened airport i would go like ---'hmmm....such a nice building... cuba lah aku pandai ambik gambar....' but all i could captured looked like some boring looking building. but these.... u made them look really high class.... AMAZING!!!