Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Nick & Evie's Portraiture Session

Over a short visit to KL two weeks back, Jenn, Janet & I were 'hospitalized' (we put-up) at Nick & Evie's place. We were there to check out our newly completed condo located in Kuchai Lama. Nick & Evie were kind enough to drive us around. At the same time, Nick & Evie had their portrait session with me, with their living room wall as the background. Clear wall is good for simple portraits. Nick & Evie, your sets will arrive you soon. Wait em up yah!

We love your place...and also your CATS! Thanks for arranging the birthday cake for Jenn too. Despite the noise she made that nite, she actually love everything you guys did. To Evie, happy birthday again. The Lord bless you both & guide you. Look forward to seeing you guys again...when we're back in KL.




evie said...

'twas no biggie..loved having you guys around..it's boring here with just me and Nic..lol..ze cats miss you guys too..especially Jenn..hehehe..thanks so much for the portraits..you did a marvellous job..you are hereby appointed our future wedding photographer..and maybe future family extensions as well..oh, and we do love free stuff, but..a great talent should be rewarded, and not taken as freely..we both cant wait for your next visit..take care & God bless..

Jennifer said...

ya... i still berdendam with si momoe... hehe... cute bah dia!!! nanti dia... i wan to kejar2 dia lagi and is my turn to drift... kiki!

Anderson said...


Hugs to the Cats ah! Will info you our next trip over. Waaahhh.. book me ody ah. Am so honored. Just info me the dates & I'll fly over kay. Look forward for the day.

"but..a great talent should be rewarded, and not taken as freely"... Appreciate the compliment Evie. Well said. Thank you.


Amy said...

black n white.. i love themm..:)