Friday, 7 November 2008

Dressing up with Miriam & Jenn

While accompanying the girls shopping at one of the fashion house here in Miri, my finger grew itchy and pulled out the cam. Tried a few portraits on em when I was asked to put my cam away by one of the staff.. "Cannot take photo here!", she said. Oh well..glad I did shoot the girls coz they look cute in their dresses here. (Shoot 1st, then say sorry later!)

Miriam in her selection


Jenn in hers..(notty one tis girl!)

This next shot has nothing to do with the dressing up session but I just have to slot his portrait coz this is one notty but cute nephew I have!

The very mischievous Matt.


Syahrin Aziz said...

yang nombor dua itu kenal sangat.... :D:D

Anderson said...

I think you're referring to Picture 3, right?! Kalau part nakal tuu, memang bini aku la tu.

dawnn ira said...

eh eh, where is this place? looks good :)

Anderson said...

Hi Dawn.. We'll show u the place. If I tell you here, I might get sued! hahaha...

William said...

Very nice shots, Anderson! I like all of them.

Anonymous said...

uhhh!!! I love this pretty shots! Loads of colours!! and the model especially the one sticking her tougue out made ur shot even more brighter! Hehehe...Jen kiut that dress! Did you buy that dress? it looks lovely on u! *winks*

Well done sir! Another fine spontaneous shot!

Mrs Gevany Hughes
thousands of miles away..
Romford, Essex.

Mrs Jennifer Anderson said...

uiii naaa!!!! comment ko ni moi, bukan alang2 lagi... hehe! Yes, I bought dat dress but is not my intention at the 1st place, just wanna check it out the new baju bah at the boutique, see2 look2... satu kali apa lagi mo see2 look2, tergugat kesabaran sa... the only one left bah... and I dun really like pink dress lah but ni lah anderson & my fren keep saying cantik2, ngam2... i even dun know anderson taking my pic tho... notty boy!