Friday, 7 November 2008

Players Meet-up

Over last weekend, I had a good chat with 2 photography enthusiasts, Elvis & William. Yup, we're among the many Nikon users around town. Tis overwhelming for me to exchange ideas and share the passion with these two brilliant artists & bloggers. These are a few close-ups on the gang. Looking forward to meeting-up more photographers & anyone picking up on this field. Cheers!

Elvis (Nikon D300 & D70 player)

William (Nikon D3 player)

William's boys



William said...

wah.... very nice shots of my boys! I will hijack these two shots from you!

Anderson said...

Go ahead pal. Hope the boys love it too & thanks for letting me tweak your D3 for a while tat day. Powerful 'monster' that one!

Elvis said...

very nice shot of me too! thanks!

Anonymous said...

owww...I miss that meeting opportunity...