Tuesday, 15 January 2008


Hey all,

During Christmas I got the opportunity to spend time with close family & friends and Hezekiah is one of em close cousins. Every school break while we were in primary school, he would come down n stay over with us. Now, the guy is in Sabah continuing his studies in Theology. A Pastor to be with hilarious ideas n he's very good with the 'Sape' too (A traditional Orang Ulu musical instrument)! Oh... did I mention, he's still single....hehehehe...

I took a few shots of my other family members but I only manage to process his, cause I've been owing him pictures for few months already... hehehhe... Procrastination is not healthy.

By the way... Hope its not too late to wish everyone a Blessed New Year!


(Click on title for more pics)


Jean said...

I took his pic!!!

Anderson Kalang said...

Ya okay! okay! The first pic up there of him you took la.. but I edited it le :P

The rest was mine ah!

Anyway babe, that's a well composed shot of him. Funny bah!

Love you.