Thursday, 17 January 2008

Old Skool

Hey all,

Got a short story to share with you all...

Upon reaching Kota Kinabalu (driving a 10 hours journey) after Christmas recently, Mum, Hezekiah & I made a wrong turn. While he was on the wheels passing Beaufort, I dozed off causing the 'pilot' to loose his 'navigator' since it was his 1st time driving from Miri to KK. We ended up at Kuala Penyu junction instead (a 20km drive from the main road to KK).

After asking an 'uncle' for direction, he told us to drive back (about 20km) from where we came from. Siggghhhh... the trouble! But then, I guess God had a purpose for us to make that wrong turn. It turned out that the old man had been waiting for the bus for almost 3 hours already. He was planning to capture some shots at Kuala Penyu but there was no bus going in.

Yup! We gave him a ride back to KK! (sigh...another 20km out). Being a pastor, Hezekiah was fast to relate it this way, "God lead us to this uncle so we can find our way back while God lead us to him to transport him back to KK (about 1 hour drive from where we were).

I don't remember what this uncle's name is but he sure had an interesting 'Gun' with him. It was a CANON FX. I don't know if anyone of you has ever hold one but it was a real RETRO experience for me. Made me feel like I touched the past! The camera is really Old Skool with blurred lense (manufactured in the 60's) but it is still functioning! Check out the shots below of the ANCIENT DEVICE!

Its not everyday you get to hold an antique camera such as this u know... Although I'm a Nikon user, I'm also proud to say my photography begin with Canon (IXUS 3.2). Wanna see my Canon IXUS 3.2? Would anyone blog about my Canon IXUS 3.2 someday?

*Pray I won't have to be stuck somewhere for anyone to blog about me next time.

The Canon FX, 'freezed in time' by a Nikon D40X

Left hand holding 'The Past', right hand holding 'The Present'!

Check out the metering...

The lense

I wonder if the hands that manufactured this 'ancient gun' is still around today..

Could this be the Shutter control?

Errr.. what is this knob here for?

Uncle X, the proud owner of the Canon FX... (Uncle X, if you're reading this, send me a reply ya!)

To all you 'old timer photographers' out there......Thank you and HATS DOWN with SALUTE for all of your contributions in Photography!

Anderson Kalang.


Gina said...

My Couz & I r viewing ur blog & she said her dad had once had this type of camera. But she also mention that the cam might not funtion anymore. She wants 2 try & ask if her dad still have it. Do u know anywhere who can give this type of service?

Anderson Kalang said...

If servicing old cameras, try the camera shop next to Mee Hua (Shoe Shop).

Jcz said...

oh well..interesting journey...