Wednesday, 30 January 2008

"Ghosts? Spirits?" - How it was REALLY done...

I didn't intend to create fear or confusion but this is mainly for all to know that, its not wise to believe everything you see coz' even if a photo was not edited, there are other ways to create it.
Even the photos taken in their room were also faked. My cuz threw a white towel in front of the camera as I shot with slow shutter speed. Of course, I had to hold the camera really still.
YUP...The photos are not real as you think they are.

The Methods & Results:

The ultra-violet (UV) light in the room created the 'blueish' effect on the falling white towel.

A very nice 'Lady in a wedding gown' effect captured using a white towel bounced with UV light.

I bet after this, even if I SERIOUSLY captured a ghost image, u guys might not believe it already ha!

P.S : I was never involved with the Pontianak pictures at City Fan ya... It could just be a reflection or light bounce effect of a white bird flying (crane) over the tower.

I like what (Xzombie) commended. "i dont believe in ghosts.. but ghost believe in me..". Indeed, when Christ is in you, who can be against you!

The gang at Bekenu beach. Our intention was to capture the sunset but dark clouds turned us down. I group em up for this shot instead...n the 'ghostly' shot too.

p.s : Nikon remote in my hand (cool gadget from Nikon) of the first few 'slow shutter' shots. (Camera was rested on a tripod with the slowest shutter speed. ISO : 800, White balance : Auto, Lens : Nikkor 18mm-55mm). cousin being the model and the gang 'walking around fast' to create the spirits effect around him.

Moral of the story: "The hand moves faster than the eyes".

What do you think?


chegu carol said... this is how they do it. chiss! tipah tertipu.

Anderson said...

Hehehe.. Well, at least, this is one of the many ways it can be done.