Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Tanjong Lobang Beach

Hey all,

After a trip from Hawai Beach with Ps. Grace, Jenn, Jane & Naomi two weeks back, we stopped by Tanjong Lobang Beach for some drinks. Grabbed my 'gun' and took some shots of the Jetty & sunset. For those who plan to come to Miri, Tanjong Beach is a must to visit. Try out the 'Special' (a type of mixed fruit drink), 'Satay' and 'Rojak'. The fried noodle with cockles is pretty good too. Gotta grab some food now... hungry hungry..

Jetty from the shore.

...and the sun sank!

...but the fishing enthusiasts remain at the jetty.


Grace said...

Wow!great job ndSon! Its beutiful!
How great and wonderful is our GOD
creation. Enjoy it and take care of it while we still live on this earth.

Anderson Kalang said...

Yeah Grace. Glad you like it. Indeed its a blessing to experience God's beautiful creation.