Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Hawaii Beach, Miri

Hey all,

I've posted about Tanjong Beach previously but did not talk about Hawaii Beach. Well, we also have a beach called Hawaii here. Its about 20 mins drive from town. Me and the ladies, namely Ps. Grace, Jenn, Naomi & Jane went to Hawaii Beach two weeks back to riki on the site. Was planning on a gathering with the Young Adults of our church which happened just last Thursday.

Anyway...I think the reason its called Hawaii Beach is due to the numerous amount of coconut trees around the area. Its a private property therefore you need to pay about RM10 for every 'hut' used. If you plan to do some barbeque's, there's an additional RM10 you need to pay coz the 'BBQ Pit' is kept by the owner. (I have his contact if you want to book in advance)

The bridge that link you to the beach.... (where Hawaii is located)

Sorry guys.. No Cars Allowed!

Fishermen 'rest' their boats here...

Coconut trees everywhere....ahhhh cool breeze!!

Jenn & Jane kicking crabs!

Jane... cute isn't she?!!

Here's Jenn doing some stunts of her own.

...and Jane climbed the coconut trees!

...and she was proud of it....before she got stucked!

They all did the JUMP!

..and I had my share of fun too! (photo taken by Jenn)

Oh ya... I have to mention here that you need to put on your Insect Repellent before you arrive coz the mosquitoes & sand flies are DEADLY (especially the Sand Flies...Hate em!). I had to endure 1 week of scratching and hot water bath every day. Cheers all!


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phoebe said...

nice photos anderson... :)

Anderson Kalang said...

Thank you CresceNet. Would love to read your blog but the link given didn't lead me to your blog. Hope to see you.

Hey Phoebe...Glad to know your back from the holidays. See you for Y.A kay!

maRtjefRoz said...

Hye, anderson nice picture...ur d best bro :) keep it up...i look nice there hahahaaha:) thanks

Anderson Kalang said...

Hey Naomi.. Keep on dancing babe! You jumped well that afternoon aei!

Uchu Keling said...

Great shots! You've been added to my Front Seat list at